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Geometry Dash [2.01] - "Nothing Is Hidden" Achievement (Unable to achieve in the Vault) [OUTDATED]
Yes. My name is "SeikoAyumi". Capital letter S & A. But it didn't work! My version is clearly 2.01. You can see that I have the illuminati wave (only in version 2.01 and above) and I got the...

Nothing is hidden | Geometry dash 2.01 patch achievement!
If you just type in your username in the Secret Vault you will get that achievement done!

Nothing Is Hidden (The Vault) | Geometry Dash 2.01
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Geometry Dash¦¦The Vault All Secret Achievements!!!!
Today, I don't play Geometry Dash but I show you how to get more features. And this video has all of the secret vault achievements in it!! Don't forget to like the video and check out my channel...

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