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The Geometry Dash Wiki BULLSHIT
Salty. This really isn't necessary but I wanted to say this.

The Geometry Dash Wikia Rants - Nusdan
The man who managed to get nicknamed Nusban has crossed the fucking line by banning people for doing nothing wrong.

GEOMETRY DASH: A Look Into Update 2.2 (UPCOMING)
In my first Geometry Dash video, I go over things we can expect from update 2.2. This video was easy to edit, it just took lots of time. I hope to make other videos ...

Me Beating Every Rated Nine Circles Demon in Geometry Dash! (As of August 2017)
This is by FAR my longest and most worked-on video. This took almost a month of work, and I'm really proud of it. Feel free to use any of the footage in the video ...

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