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Geometry Dash: Sub-Zero | ALL LEVELS (All Coins) | Geometry Dash [2.2]
How to get third coin in Power Trip: At 42% click until the text on the screen turns green, doing this will make the coin appear at the end of the level.

Geometry Dash SubZero - PRESS START - Level 1 (ALL COINS) [1080p60] | Sdslayer100
Geometry Dash SubZero (2017) Level 1: "Press Start" (ALL 3 COINS) Reuploaded a higher quality version.

Khorne by Hota1991 [FULL LEVEL] | Geometry Dash [2.113] [1440p60FPS]
I had to record this level since it's red and black. Edit: Also because it's mostly inspired by me and dedicated to me in the first place. Whole review: ...

''WorsT LvL EveR MadE'' 100% (Demon) by DanZmeN [1 Coin] | Geometry Dash [2.11]
After watching Danzmen's video I realized I got the coin wrong 🤔

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