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GW1 dash cam in 1080P
Peters Motorsport via one of it's corprate partners DCE is selling these fantastic devices for under $100. The quality is the best we have found anywhere and ...

G1W Dash Cam Demo (Hands On Demo)
MyDealStash G1W Dash Cam (Hands On Demo) Full HD 1080P G1W 2.7" LCD Car DVR Camera Recorder G-sensor H.264 Night Vision Made By Unkown ...

GW1 1080P Dash Camera Nighttime Sample Video Calgary By Calgarydashcam.com
When watching on YouTube, you need to change the quality to 1080P (Click the gear in the bottom right of the video) to view the full quality of the video. Sample ...

GW1 Dash Cam Test (1080P)
Just moved to Florida from Colorado, and will be posting bad drivers clips. I do have footage from my trip down here, and I'll be posting that as well.

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